Bike Hub New Mexico

Cycling in New Mexico has many wonderful opportunities. For recreation, fitness, racing, commuting; New Mexico has it all. With great weather, lots of bicycle shops, bike education, bike lanes, trails, parks and BMX tracks.

Where to bike

New Mexico has lots of great places to bike. With nearly year-round sunshine and and various mile-high altitudes, New Mexico is great for training or living. With more bike facilities being built every year , the 506 miles of bicycle facilities in Albuquerque are one of the reasons that Albuquerque is considered such a bicycle friendly city. Santa Fe also ranks highly for trails and facilities. Off-road trails have some of the most beautiful biking one can ride, from White Mesa to White Sands. NM has a great Fixie scene and world-class BMX. In fact, it sports the largest covered BMX track in the world at Duke City BMX!

The Land of Enchantment doesn’t fall short on education, either. New Mexico is home to over 40 League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors and the organization, New Mexico Bicycling Educators. New Mexico has bike education bragging rights in Burque. In ‘Burque, the City of Albuquerque’s Bicycle Safety Education Program is one of the best bicycle education programs in the United States, reaching over 10,000 youth and over 1,000 adults annually.

Albuquerque Bike Classes
Bicycle Shops

Besides all this, there are also plenty of bicycle shops, with over two dozen in Albuquerque, which even sports the new Esperanza Community Bicycle Shop.

Santa Fe Century

The high desert, wild west state has many great cycling groups for racing, mountain biking, recreational group riding, fitness advocacy and encouragement. Whatever you’re into, there’s a group for you, from bike polo to trail building.

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