Bike Shops

New Mexico Bicycle Shops

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Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales

Go! The Bike Coop LTD [University/Nobhill][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-265-5170
Go! Bike works [Claremont & Carlisle][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-884-0341
Go! Bike World (3) [San Mateo & Candelaria][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-881-4233
Go! Bike World (3) [Westside][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-792-1300
Go! Bike World (3) [Univerity/Nobhill][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-247-8033
Go! Bikes Plus [NE Heights][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-275-5970
Go! The BikeSmith LLC [Oldtown/Downtown][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-242-9253
Go! Broken Spoke Ride Shop [Corrales][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-899-8696
Go! Cycle Cave [Menaul & San Pedro][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX, Electric 505-884-6607
Go! Cyclegasm Ride Shop [NE Heights][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-315-8180
Go! Esperanza Community Bicycle Shop [Central & Old Coors][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-224-6668
Go! Fat Tire Cycles [MontaƱo & Edith][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-345-9005
Go! Fixed & Free [University/Nobhill][Map] Paved 505-255-0586
Go! Gold Ave Bicycle Co. [Downtown][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-243-2118
Go! Hawk’s Tri-Cycle [Corrales][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-792-1474
Go! High Desert Bicycles (2) [Louisiana & Paseo][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-842-8260
Go! High Desert Bicycles (2) [Rio Rancho][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-896-4700
Go! The Kickstand [NE Heights][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-299-2624
Go! Northeast Cyclery [NE Heights][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-293-9684
Go! Northeast Cyclery Inc. [Menaul & Wyoming][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-299-1210
Go! Performance Bike [Renaissance Business Center][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-765-2471
Go! Q Cycle [Edith & Osuna][Map] (Gear distributor) 505-899-6336
Go! REI [Renaissance Business Center][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-247-1191
Go! Routes, Rentals & Tours [Oldtown/Downtown][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-933-5667
Go! Stevie’s Happy Bikes [Corrales][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-897-7900
Go! Sport Systems [Montgomery & Louisiana][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-837-9400
Go! Trek Bicycle Superstore [Menaul & San Mateo][Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-312-7243
Go! Two Wheel Drive [University/Nobhill][Map] Paved, Unpaved, Recumbent 505-243-8443
Go! UNM Bike Shop [University/Nobhill][Map] (Students, faculty, staff only) 505-277-8182

Santa Fe

Go! Alchemy Bicycle Works [S St. Francis Dr. & Paseo De Peralta][Map] (Wheel building) 505-983-4241
Go! BTI [Rufina St. & Henry Lynch Rd.][Map] (Distributor, dealers only) 800-558-8324
Go! Bike N Sport [Coronado Center][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-820-0829
Go! The Broken Spoke [Cerillos Rd. near S. St. Francis Dr.][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-992-3102
Go! Frankie Flats [Lena near 2nd St.][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-473-1712
Go! Mellow Velo [Old Santa Fe Trail, near capitol][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-995-8356
Go! REI [S Guadalupe St. & Paseo De Peralta][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-982-3557
Go! Rob and Charlie’s [St. Michael's Dr. & Cerillos Rd.] [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 505-471-9119
Go! Santa Fe Mountain Sports [Cerillos Rd. near S. St. Francis Dr.][Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-988-3337
Go! Sirius Cycles [Rodeo Plaza Shopping Center][Map] Paved 505-819-7311
Go! SpinDoc [US 285 & Ave Vista Grande][Map] Paved, Unpaved, Spin 505-466-4181

Las Cruces

Go! Outdoor Adventures [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 575-521-1922
Go! Ride On Sports [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 575-521-1686


Go! Outdoor Adventures [Map] Unpaved (Rentals) 575-434-1920


Go! Bike Dude [Map] Paved, unpaved, BMX 575-935-2453


Go! Cottonwood Cycles [Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-326-0429


Go! Sports World [Map] Paved, Unpaved 505-722-3055

Los Alamos

Go! Little Jimmy’s Wheelhouse [Map] Paved, Unpaved (repair shop) 505-920-0124
Go! Los Alamos Bicycle Repair Shop “Bike Doc” [Map] Paved, Unpaved (repair shop) 505-660-5288

Silver City

Go! Gila Hike & Bike [Map] Paved, Unpaved 575-388-3222
Go! Twin Sisters [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 575-538-3388


Go! Gearing Up Bicycle Shop [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 575-751-0365
Go! Taos Cyclery [Map] Paved, Unpaved, BMX 575-758-5551

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